Activities on Spot

Activities on spot

U Paesolu Hotel et Résidence Pinarello
  • Fitness center
  • Bar
  • Restaurant / Pizzeria with catering service and pizzas to take away !
  • Swimming pool (for both adults & children)
  • Tennis court fitted with night lighting (paid service, on spot booking)
  • At the reception, you can book : a baby-sitter, a hairdresser, a make-up artist, a massage, an ayurveda (paid services) 
  • Fitness center (free service)
  • Petanque ground (free service).

A brand new service of electric bike rental

U Paesolu Hotel et Résidence Pinarello

For summer 2019, your Hotel Resort « U Paesolu » proposes you a brand new environmentally friendly service to make your stay among us even more pleasant.

Discover Pinarello and its region thanks to the implementation of a bike rental service. Unlock your electric bike with the mobile app that will propose you numerous tourist tours…follow them or not ! The bike battery allows you to ride up to 120 kilometers. 

Environmentally friendly & economical, these comfortable bikes allow you to visit the streets of the city as well as to enjoy the panoramic views from the mountain roads of South Corsica. All the bikes are equipped with a Bosch Active Line electric motor, puncture-proof tires, rear luggage rack, removable child seat, front basket, lighting…

If the environment you like, take your bike !  

app pour déverrouiller votre vélo électrique
app pour déverrouiller votre vélo électrique